pic: 2012 1717 Wheel Module Photo 2

Another side shot of our wheel module.

What speed were you geared for?

Why was it that you choose to use custom gears for the Rs-550 reduction over banebots planetary gearboxes? Was there any weight saving this way?

Am I correct in saying the 550 is being used just for steering?

Thanks for putting this picture up - this is REALLY cool look at. Very impressive.

You are correct, as you can see in this picture http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/265/2652e2b830627a635e057ecb614b368a_l.jpg

We used the banesbot trans for steering and do not like the back lash they have. I wonder if this approach has less back lash? I notice the wheel position sensor is not in the pictures. What sensor did you use.

This is a really neat module!


Do you mean a sensor for the rotation of the module? I believe it is pictured in the black bracket in this picture http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/img/4ff/4ff1c3a058048bdfdb2c0bd13a6d3087_l.jpg

Looks like the sensor mount and a coupling but, what sensor was used. It does not appear that the timing belt pulleys are 1:1 so I’m guessing a quadrature encoder?