pic: 2012 Beta Hardware

As a 2012 Beta Test Hardware team, we received the new cRIO II (on the left), the new Jaguar(lower right) and the new relay (upper right). Testing will come soon…

So that jag looks like the black jag’s we had last year. Is that the same black jag? or if it is new, what is different about it? and what does the new relay do?

If you wouldn’t mind, can you take a picture of the new relay module next to a Spike relay? Doesn’t seem like the two should be all that different in size, but it’s hard to tell.

Team 1718 posted a comparison shot:

Remember this new Relay won’t get used in 2012. We might see it in the Kit next season though.

Thanks Mark! Looks to be about the size of two spikes together. Not bad.

We’re also beta testing the new relay. If you were to take 2 spike relays, and put them side by side, the area they take up is smaller than the area the new relays take up. However, the new relay offers some advantages in actually having 2 relays per. Wiring also requires no crimp connects, just the same screwdriver clamp down we’ve seen on other FRC components. The input wiring is also only done once and is shared between both outputs on the new relay. One less point of failure I suppose.


The new relay is also just easier to read and therefore wire; however, it feels like a prize from a cereal (cRIO?) box - I know it’s in beta right now, but it reeks of cheap outsourced manufacture with ugly seams and mysterious rattling parts. :\

I hope that the IFI relays will, like their speed controllers, remain legal components.

Okay, it looks the same. There are no visible differences. We will be testing all three components this weekends and ill note if we find any major differences.

Just a note…

The new “David” Relays are being beta tested for potential future use…they will not be a part of the 2012 Kit of Parts.

Hardware wise, as far as I remember, they are the same. However, they have new firmware with a couple more options, and they’re working on improving the CAN system with them as well.