pic: 2012 Class Rings

Some of our team members started getting their class rings today. I thought they were pretty neat!

That. Is. Awesome.

But there’s a small typo - it should read “1529”

I’ll tell the engraver… Ü

Who does your class rings, Jostens?

When I was getting mine we Hadn’t competed in FIRST yet…so I just got a generic engineering symbol.

I got FIRST on my class ring, too!

Thats who makes ours and They DO have the FIRST symbol. I cant wait to get mine Next year, With the other side saying WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Whoa that looks nice. Where did u go to get that?

Jostens has the FRC “design-a-side”, but only on certain packages, if I remember the literature correctly. I didn’t get one, but that would have been one of my sides, no doubt about it.

When I was in high school only one place in Arkansas was doing the FIRST side and when I called to inquire they tried to talk me out of it. Josten’s told me I had to pay for the die to be made if I wanted it. I’m happy that Josten’s got with the program and the growing demand for the FIRST logo. I’m jealous of all of y’all that are able to get it.

i have FIRST on mine. :slight_smile: WIth the Double Eagle for East Lake Eagles!! And now Embry Riddle Eagles!!@ YAY!!

Actually its Herff Jones.

That’s awesome!!! i would have gotten a ring if i knew i could have one like that :]

Jostens and Herff Jones both offer FIRST logo sides.

If for some reason, the logo isn’t in your school’s package… ask for it!

The FIRST logo with Jostens started as a custom side, (excuse the 4+ year old, poorly-edited photo… god, I’m old) and after being shown to other FIRSTers, got so many requests that they’ve added it to their lineup.

I’ve never worked with Herff Jones, but Jostens is incredibly accomodating and is willing to get you the FIRST logo if you want it. :slight_smile: