pic: 2012 FRC Color Field Clipboard - TPD

This clear clipboard has a slim profile clip with enough room for notes and scouting sheets. Reverse side has a Dry-erase compatible full color image of current game’s field layout. Perfect for strategy and scouting. Draw up strategies before matches and keep track of important papers.

This product is designed and made by Two Pencil Designs from Rochester, NY.

It will be for sale at AndyMark soon!

They are now In stock and ready for Sale at AndyMark, get your boards today!

The Magnetic Dry Erase Boards should ship to AndyMark early next week, so look out for those as well.

What is the significance of the trapezoids next to the field in your drawings?

Kinect areas.

Eric is correct, they are there so you can write in which team will take that spot.

Ah thanks, didn’t occur to me as being part of the field.

I am a big fan of this clipboard and will be buying at least one.

Was it Titanium who gave something like this away to teams last year? I think that was one of the best freebies ever.

I will defiantly be buying one of these. Thanks to TPD for making great strategy items for FRC.

Yep. We’ve been giving away dry erase boards for at least 3 years in a row now. It gives our PR team a chance to write a good luck message to each team, and they come in handy for posting match schedules or other info you want to share in the pit. Last year was the first year we printed a field diagram on the backside. It’s great for planning match strategy as well as explaining to guests what the game is.

TPD has some great looking products here.