pic: 2012 IRI Shirt Back

This is the back of the 2012 IRI Shirts.

2012 Theme - The Ultimate Teiple Balance
Competition / Community / Charity

Here is the shirt back, so you don’t have to download the jpeg.

So many things about this season, FRC, life in general, are about finding the balance. Thank you for highlighting this in such a prominent way.
This may be the best shirt design since “Inspiration Lives Here” … :slight_smile:

I wish you guys sold these online! Our team never even applies and I just wish we could go

Seconded. I’d buy one.

I wish these shiirts were sold online and the silent auction we could bid online for so items

Well, great news!

After the IRI we WILL sell these on-line through AndyMark.

We will take pre-paid orders for a certain period of time (30 days?), and then get shirts made to fill those orders. Then, when they are gone, they are gone.

We will post and tweet when we know the timing.

(sorry, can’t do the same for the silent auction! :frowning: )

How about selling the trophies (in blue!) ? If anything, I want to know how much those things cost to make. :slight_smile:

I am not sure just how much they cost, but Neiman-Marcus called me, something about a Christmas Catalog.


Is it correct that each team will receive five of these?

that was only in 2011.

You can order IRI shirts here.

Only the black ones, limited sizes.


Yes! Ordered! Thank you for selling these online!


Any idea if this could become an annual occurrence? (votes yes)

yes, assuming they sell well.