pic: 2012 IRI Winner Trophy

Here is the winning trophy for the 2012 IRI. This is a solid, 8 pound piece of opalescent glass, molded in the form of a face of a basketball. There is a simple bracket supporting the hefty glass form. The IRI logo and award text are both sand blasted onto the face of the glass ball section.

This was designed by Mark Koors at AndyMark. A water-cooled mold was made, and then glass from Kokomo Opalescent Glass was poured into the mold. Colors, Inc. made the aluminum bracket to look elegant.

Trophies awarded for other things at IRI will be in a myriad of colors.

Well done! I always look forward to what the awards look like. The past few years, I have noticed that we had similar thoughts for awards. This year, I did not think of this at all. It’s very impressive and looks very elegant.

I’d love to see photos of some held up to the sunlight (hint, hint).



WOW! That is just amazing. I would love to be riding home with one of those :wink:

Holy cow! That looks great!

Those look like they need a custom wooden protective travel case like the Delphi Golden Gear Award. :slight_smile:

I presume one will be up for auction as well?

I don’t think that picture is doing justice for how nice these must look in person.

Thanks, Jane. You are very kind. Here are three pics with the sun behind the trophy. The first one reminds me of a big marble, with swirly colors.


I agree. Here is a link to the webpage of Kokomo Opalescent Glass. Mark worked closely with them to get these made and sandblasted.


Crazy awesome. Kudos.


You coud glue all the distric trophies given out this season together and they probably wouldn’t weigh as much as one of these. Now that’s a trophy!

You could probably drop this thing and it still wouldn’t shatter as easily as those district trophies :rolleyes:

Very cool awards Mark and Andy!

Thank you for taking those photos, Andy. They are worthy of a Billfred Stamp Of Approval. :slight_smile:

The glass makes each one unique while honoring the uniformity of the award design. The top one does look like a marble and I think I see some purple in those swirls.




And on that note, I was gonna say that just looking at this trophy makes me terrified that I’ll drop it. And I’m not even gonna be at IRI! Awesome looking trophies.

I don’t think it would shatter, I think it would explode. Drop, pop, explode.

That could be like shatter but it would have a different sound. Or… it could drop and roll.

But, hopefully, all it would do would be sit quietly in a place of prominence and awe.


The trophy looks amazing! Everyone did a great job on it. It’s always fun to see what awesome designs the IRI trophy will be each year!

Thanks for the in the sun pictures!


Bwah! I will ask my team to win one for me…:rolleyes: