pic: 2012 TPD FLL Awards

Here are the awards that we have made for Local FLL Competitions.

FIRST gives those awards instead of the regular awards?
How much do they cost?

Those look AWESOME! I can’t wait to hand some of those puppies out. I am really glad you were able to work something out with the local FLL tournament to make these. They are so much better than the generic trophies we handed out last year.

those are AWESOME! Too late for ours this year, but i’ll make sure we look for you again next year.

TPD was contracted by the Local FLL Committee to make awards for all 8 of their competitions for a total of 58 awards. You can send an email to Alex@TwoPencilDesigns.com to receive more information about pricing and details.

It’s getting around that time of the year. Do you run or know who runs a FIRST Lego Competition? Look no further for amazing Lego awards!