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Some of the stuff I accumulated During my 3rd year on FRC team 772. I am happy and excited to say that I am the First “Koscielski” to win a regional. (along with my sister thats in grade 9). Every sibling in my family has been on this team and am the 3rd on the team (joined in 2010). Our team won the Smoky Mountains regional and was our first regional win ever. I am hoping to add to my collection next year.

Nice job, and congratulations on such a successful season! Looks like some good loot from this year.

Question though; how’d you manage to bag a Captain’s armband? When we won in OKC in 2010, we had to give it back.

List of stuff in the picture:

  • My grade 9 & 10 Jersey (left): (have had since 2007) signed by both Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers (Dean Kamen in 2008 in Connecticut, Woodie Flowers 2010 World Championships)
  • My Grade 11 Jersey (right): This jersey was my brother’s jersey who’s last year was 2008. This jersey is from 2006.
  • Team Polo: Unsure how old this is, but i believe its from 2008
  • Orange Pants: I wore these for Robo Prom and also had to wear them at the regional’s, I am just too Orange now :wink:
  • Mechanical Gloves: LOVE THESE GLOVES, but I think they need to be retired. I got them in 2011 and use them for almost everything.
  • Pit Number Sign: Usually team members get a sign in there Career. I got mine from the 2012 World Championships this year :slight_smile:
  • Regional Winner Medal
  • 2012 Basket Net Piece
  • Drivers Buttons: 2012 1 regional driver, 1 Championship driver
  • Galileo 2012 Button
  • Captains Arm band: The band that I wore while we won the Smoky Mountains Regional
  • Rebound Rumble Pin
  • World Championship Social Bracelet
  • Safety Helmet Pin 2012

I had no idea we were suppose to give them back? We didnt give our Queen City Band back either…

BTW Your Hat was just on the other side of the table :slight_smile: I was gonna put it in there but it would have been kind of a loner, as only 772 stuff is in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch out, regional planning committees everywhere are now planning on hunting you down.

Awesome! Congrats on your great season! :slight_smile: