pic: 2013 Alamo Champs - Exploding Bunny Appreciation

2013 Alamo Regional Champions - Exploding Bunny Appreciation

I love the alliance name!

It’s good to hear all three of you guys will be at champs you gave us a run for our money in hub city regional. Congrats you all have built great robots this year and good luck at championships.

This picture is #swagswagswagswagswag

I like the one from the 6th alliance at Troy; Rockem Sockem EngiTractors (453, 2337, and 3655).

One I’d like to see in the future: Cheesy Exploding Chickens (254, 2789, and 217).

Edit: Or the yummy alliance of 254, 217, and 1902: Cheesy Chicken Bacon… Mmmm…