pic: 2013 Coach-Mentor Pin

Watch the mail for your FRC Coach-Mentor appreciation pin and certificate.
The benefit of registering in TIMS with your team(s).

I got a pin, and a certificate last week. Unfortunately they were both for 2012, even though I already got the 2012 pin & certificate :confused:. The only difference is that the new 2012 pin had a gold edge whereas the old 2012 pin had a silver edge.

I think that was for your FTC service. I received that last week and my 2013 pin Monday. Look for it soon.

Ah, awesome! Do I get one for FLL too? I mentor a team and head judge a 48-team event :smiley:

Seriously, my lanyard for work is filled with FIRST pins.

My mom got her FLL Mentor Certificate but there was no pin this year. Maybe she, and I, will get a pin with our FRC Mentor Certificate.

I got mine yesterday. Both are hanging on my fork truck with all my medals and team pins of our partners (except 639 and 610) as well as my volunteer badges.

I was amused by the fact that the pin was shipped attached to a full-size sheet of thick paper. I guess there were a lot of people who threw their envelopes out last year without noticing the small plastic-wrapped pin hiding in the corner.

I hope I get one this year. I never got one for 2012. :confused:

Why is it a blue triangle, and not red? the past two years i got the white circle and blue square… so i figured this year = red triangle… but blue???

I just got mine! But my team’s other mentor hasn’t. Do you think it might be because she is listed as the alternate contact?