pic: 2013 Game Hint Explanation

I’m not sure what prompted me to remember the mysterious 2013 Game Hint, but once I did, I just had to ask. Here is Frank’s explanation to those odd strings of numbers. In retrospect, how did we not guess it, it was right in front of us!

So basically, nobody ever could have ever ever ever gotten that ever. And if they did, they would have no idea what kind of game it is.

The ‘#3’ was just a symbolic identifier, there weren’t any earlier hints.

Wow, I think they got everyone there.

And the Rick Roll ‘hint’ was nothing either…but, what about the binary pyramid shape that people decoded out of the actually hint? :yikes:

For the record… I did kinda predict pyramids when I thought there would be a return of the tetras from 2005. On the other hand, I was totally wrong.

“Missed” makes this line rhyme with the first line

Read: The GDC got lazy.

…not that we can really complain about the GDC not taking seriously something that has the express purpose of not being serious.

You have just figured out the formula behind game hints.


Geez, if the GDC put that much effort into creative game hints, no wonder the last two games have been so great.

Great Seal–>pyramid was pretty reasonable. People got that, but were thinking 2005; not sure if anyone went to climbing. But yeah, dinner–>discs wasn’t going to happen with any confidence.

Generally, there’s one thing in the year’s hints (usually combined) that leads with reasonable confidence to something that could be useful if one were willing to use it: 2012 shooting, arm/tubes, soccer ball, the-year-we-don’t-talk-about, IR sensor (which actually was intentionally useful) AND racing…

Thanks for asking, Rachel!

Also a major aspect with 2012 was the BOM, which included the IR sensors used for scoring, so “high speed single object automated scoring” was predicted.

Then there was the red herring this year of the IR sensor FIRST choice…

Yes, that’s how the referenced “shooting” conclusion from 2012 came about. We didn’t know what we were shooting, but it was pretty clear teleop would be a single-file shot sort of deal.

If that wasn’t the most ambiguous thing I don’t know what is.


Okay, you got me. What was the explanation of that?

one of the names of that fish was a moonfish and the game was lunacy. also the floor was slick like a fish

One of the names of the Opah (the fish pictured) is a Moonfish.

I seriously thought it was kind of ridiculous when people mentioned the first line was a reference to Seal. Guess I was wrong.

Did anyone come close to guessing it?

You have 899 replies to read to find out. Have a fun weekend. :wink:

Reason I hate game hints: I had this explained to me months ago and I still don’t see anyway I could’ve guessed it!

…or any way of knowing even if you guessed absolutely 100%, so there!

One more tidbit: A ROSE KISSED is an anagram for SEE DISK SOAR. Maybe a “happy accident”? (I’ll spare everyone from reiterating the full-text anagram that hinted at this short anagram. It should be in the game hint 3 thread, somewhere. Maybe just another coincidence?)

Hints get the mind going, before brainstorming and design. Ignore them if you like. Or play with them.

Great season!