pic: 2013 gnomes robot sneak peek

That is quite the robust frame, weight?

Nice, now all you need is plate armor and a turret. Was welding the t-slot difficult?

So what’s the weight on that bad boy?

My guess is 22lbs for just the metal frame, but Ill wait to see what they weight it as.

would the turret b a Flaming Chainsaw Crossbow?

Could be… or it could be a Railgun of DOOM. Depends on the team’s preference.

LOL, thats a good one

I’d say around 30-40, but it has been a while since I was around that material. All that 80-20 will get really heavy.

I love the design of this. Very sturdy yet it has a slick feel and look. Even the welds turned out very clean. (from this distance)

I could be off, I just guessed some general dimensions and assumed .5lbs a foot. I think its like .51 pounds a foot. Since its welded you dont have all of those brackets whose weight adds up.

What about torsional rigidity from one ‘front’ wheel to the other? I am thinking the welding is a lot stiffer than conventional joining (screws) but I’d like to hear what you have found.

I would think so, but wowzers. It reminds me of our 2006 bot frame but wait, isn’t this the 2006 game but with moving goals. :confused: JK

hmm, just curious… How do you plan to slide the little screw holders into the t slots?

Also, if you were goign to weld it like that, why not just use 1x1x1/8 aluminum square tubing?

1x1x1/8 aluminum weighs almost the same at the 10 series (1x1) 80/20, don’t believe me? ask any of the kids on 73 from the 2007 season. I was skeptical also bu proven wrong.

As for the t-nuts, there are many styles of them, many can be inserted into the rails not from the end. 80/20 PN 3376 is one of them.

You cut slots and slide them in, but be sure that you dont make a slot where you need to mount something though.

that looks cool :]

Geez, looks like some teams took it a little more seriously than others when they cautioned to design our robots to take a hit… Pretty sure you could get in a wreck with a hummer and come out alive. How much did that thing cost? We panicked when we had to buy like 24’ of it for our forklift last year (and we did some darn good innovation just to eliminate the need for 2 more pieces of the stuff).

Your building a miniature Y-Wing!!!
If my bot is hit with a proton torpedo i am going to be so mad

I definitely thought this meant a sneak peak of The Gnomes’s robot for the year 2013… really thinking ahead there. (Yes, after a second I realized your team number is 2013.) That’s an interesting frame, though.

I don’t believe that is 80/20.
Or… rather, it’s not the 10-10 series I am familiar with.

Bosch maybe?