pic: 2013 Inland Empire Regional - Winning Alliance

The 2013 Inland Empire Regional winning alliance on the field before the start of a match.

Is this competition outdoors? I would kill for an outdoor competition…

no this competition was indoors, but the practice field was outdoors.

Why would that be a good thing? Particularly with flying game pieces, wind becomes an issue.

… I didn’t even think about that. Sorry.

I just think it would be nice to have an outdoor venue sometime. Call me crazy. I don’t have a valid reason for it other than it would be nice to get outdoors at a robotics competition.

Maybe not for an actual event, but at least for a summertime off-season event.

also the sun might get in the sight of the camera. or it could cause issues with teams that use goal tracking, etc. But i could see why it would be a cool idea.

As someone who’s practice field is outdoors… it not only causes problems with tracking but the heat down here actually made our camera stop working until it cooled down (it was over 80 and we were out in the sun for about an hour cycling our shooter)

Wind is also a huge issue, it concealed consistency issues with our shooter that we didn’t discover until Orlando.

You crazy Michigan people already have IGVC, isn’t that enough?

Having an offseason outside in a tent when it’s 95 degrees it the definition of amazing. 68 went last year, and hope to go again this year!

Please excuse JWallace; first year on the team and all :o

This was a really powerful alliance and they deserve a big congratulations even if they didn’t compete outdoors. Well built and driven robots are hard to beat.

Lol no. And don’t try it! We had an outdoor event in the 2012 off season, and it was miserable for all things, from radio to camera to wind. With good weather.

IGVC is great, but I also agree. With this years game, It would be fun to have an outdoor event. Judging for wind would just add to the game. :slight_smile: