pic: 2013 Midwest Winning Alliance: 71, 2512, and 2709

2013 Midwest Winning Alliance: 71, 2512, and 2709

Congrats guys, you really deserve it for your excellent robot. :slight_smile:

Great job. Eliminations were basically over before they even started. My team (3135) had a great time being the 8th seeded alliance captain. Even though we lost in the quarter finals it was a great experience.

Well the win definitely didn’t come easy, each alliance provided a different challenge. (usually involving those pesky blockers ;)) But big thanks goes out to our alliance partners 71 for that amazing climb and 2709 for playing some awesome defense.

Also I would like to recognize the finalist alliance of 1625, 2451, and 3936 for fielding such a solid alliance. You all had some awesome robots and we wish we could compete with you guys some more. It was truly a pleasure playing in the finals with you. Congrats to teams 1675 on the Chairmans and 2704 on EI. Hopefully we can play in some matches at worlds.

Last but not least thank you to every single one of the teams at midwest. Our team had an amazing time and we were welcomed with open arms. Personally, in all the regionals I have attended this was the most fun of them all. Our team had a great time in Chicago and hopefully we will be back soon at the midwest regional.

great job duluth cant wait to see you guys at champs and mshsl tournament