pic: 2014 Miss Daisy XIII

2014 Miss Daisy XIII

We had the opportunity to compete on the same field as you guys at FLR. 341 gave us some of the best matches at the regional. I just wish we could’ve had the opportunity to play on the same alliance. Your drive team was incredible and highly strategic. But even more impressive than the robot was the way you guys conduct yourselves. It’s truly inspirational how welcoming and generous you guys were to us at the event. It’s easy for anyone to see why you guys are a HoF team.

I can’t wait to see Daisy XIII at Champs! Good luck!

Daisy has come down to Florida in recent years to visit. I am always impressed with the quality of the robot and people on the team. Year in Year out this team always get it right.

For those wondering, here are the specs:

-6 Cim drive
-8 Versa Wheels, drop centered
-Custom 2 speed transmissions(Low gear ~4fps, high gear ~16-17fps)
-Custom sheet metal chassis
-Sub 5 minute transmission swap

-16 style intake
-Side rollers for easier left/right acquisition
-Banebots wheels (varied size)
-Driven by 2 RS-550 motors in custom 3d printed gearboxes
-Linkages connected to back of the frame to help secure ball in transit
-Pneumatically actuated

-Catapult style
-Powered by surgical tubing
-Driven by 2 Rs-550 motors in a custom gearbox
-Custom worm gearbox = non-backdriveable
-Choo-Choo(Aka off-center linkage) is used to pull back the shooter
-Pneumatically actuated poly carbonate “Ears” at the end of the shooter used to vary the shot(near the auto line/ in front of low goal)
-“Loaded” position detected by hall-effect sensor

-Multiple auto modes that can be changed on the fly
-One ball with Hot Goal detection
-Two ball (one hot, one not)
-Drive forward (if someone else wants to run a two ball auto)
-Do nothing (if we are in the goalie zone)

-All programming is done in Java
-Use Cheesy Vision (Thanks 254!) for Hot Goal detection
-No camera

If you need anything clarified or have any questions, let me know.

Been waiting for this pic for so long! You guys always have fascinating robots. Good luck at champs! I’ll be watching the feeds for you.:slight_smile:

This is one solid robot, everyone–especially defensively. There are few better at defense than Daisy. Pratik’s a very smart/talented driver, and Dustin’s coaching is great.

Congrats on the double-banner season!

Thanks for the kind words everyone. And yes, this picture was long overdue…

See you on Newton!