pic: 2014 Texas Torque Robot Rev1

Early render of our robot from SolidWorks. Two notable items missing are the side panels that help keep the ball in place and the halo that comes down to keep the ball seated on the cradle.

Super cool looking robot! Love the way you guys are using butterfly, it seems like no one can touch you. Can’t wait to see you guys on Archimedes.

That is one nice render! I would really like to know how you got the blur effect on the ball. Is it post processing (Photoshop etc) or actually something you can do in Solidworks?

Can’t wait to see you guys in Archimedes, although we don’t have any matches together. Good luck!

One of my favorite robots this year. Have you guys had any problems with your pickup arms breaking?

The arms are 1/8 inch polycarbonate. We use standoffs as spacers and the number/spacing controls the stiffness. No problems so far.

Mr. Rip

That is an amazing looking and crazy-performing robot! Can’t wait to see it performing in 9 out of your 10 matches…but I’m dreading watching it perform in Q59 :yikes:

Good luck and see you on Archimedes!

It’s called Tex Coast Drive now, you must not have gotten the memo :slight_smile: .

I did notice a multitude of Texas teams using this drivetrain this year… The name explains a lot. :smiley: