pic: 2014 Wisconsin Regional Champion Drive Teams

2014 Wisconsin Regional Champion Drive Teams

  • 2481 The Roboteers
  • 1732 The Hilltoppers
  • 2202 B’East Robotics

Did 1732 just build an accordion on wheels? :rolleyes:

Yes, and it was surprisingly effective at throwing those big balls around. :wink:

Yet another team-less CD account that just hates on other teams :wink:

From Accordions, Bat Wings, Thunder Flaps, and Thunder Bellows, we are still figuring out what to call them.

See also: Hillflappers, Bellowing Thunder

Most students prefer Thunder Flaps. Whatever you want to call them, they are urethane coated nylon and have held up really well during our practice and the Wisconsin Regional.

They also catch the breeze beautifully when they aren’t cradling a ball.