pic: 2015 Game...?

Possible game name? Custesy of Dunkin Donuts

That is a great name for a game. It has been since 2009 that we put objects in a moveable scoring container.

It would be consistent with this http://www.firstlegoleague.org/challenge/2015trashtrek.

How about Dunkin’ Donuts as the actual game?

Alliances of three robots compete to lower 24" diameter thermochromic inflated rings into hot tubs of dark colored water, then insert them into oval goals at each end of the field. LED rings surrounding the goals change color, and teams receive points by timing the insertion of the rings so that their color matches the LEDs.

Guess it’s time for lunch.



Of course team members would have to simulate the game extensively…

Would the game be renamed to “Tim Hortons” in Canada?

Munchkins = minibots
mentors going around saying “its time to make the robots”
game pieces allowed in a robot …12 (13 is a bakers (andy baker?) dozen)
extra points if game pieces are put in a flimsy little box
male students wear pink shirts, female students wear pink dresses (no problem for team 233)

plus side to all of this…mentors have lots and lots of coffee during the
build season.

Now you know what do with all those paper air planes that ended up on the field .
Time to put Franks’ recycle bin to good use.

and in US it’s “DUNKIN DONUTS”!

Wow, how spot this was.