pic: 2015 Preliminary Vision Solution

Having traveled all day today, I decided to see how far I could get on what task there was to do for vision. The code can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pnx4i6cwguhem4g/AAAilWpVCV7r7cFI_mnRC3Rka?dl=0

As you probably can’t see because this picture is about 1.1k x 1.3k pixels, it is outputting"

“1706 Ratchet Rockers
XROT = -.8 (in degrees)
Distance (Pixels) = 842”

The x rotation is the amount of degrees needed to turn to line up with the center of the object. Distance is simply how many pixels from the bottom of the screen the center of the object is. Math exists to calculate distance in feet, but I feel it isn’t needed because as distance in pixels -> 0, distance in in/ft/m -> 0.

Do with this what you may, it was mostly just something for me to do while in an airport all day.

Also, there is an untested depth program that_should_ do the same as this program. The reason for writing the depth program was my fear of not being able to track the gray boxes/totes.

Good luck!