pic: 2015 robot offseason redesign

This is my first post to CD, however I’m not unfamiliar with the community. Team 3255, the SuperNURDs had a great season this year, after winning San Diego regional and making it to St. Louis, we seeded 6th in hopper division and made it to the semi finals. However, after we got back from championships, we couldn’t stop there, so i went home and redesigned the robot from ground up, all from stuff that I have learned from other teams. So this is what I have done. I added a separate carriage for holding the RC on top of the stack, I did a 4 wheel intake, geared 13:1 with a RS-775, and I changed our cassette to be much stronger than before, I also changed the mounting for the electronics to sheet metal instead of tubing in order to save weight. We are making these changes to be more competitive at offseason events like Battle at the Border and Fall Classic. Any criticism is appreciated.