pic: 2015 WC Alliance

I made a set of these a while back about a week or two after the world championship. Thought I’d share with you guys. Should be 4k size if I recall correctly.

These are frickin sweet!

Dude these are awesome! You should make these for some of the other WC 2015 alliances.:smiley:

Should totally make one for that 2363 team, you know because I’m unbiased and everything…

I’ve got 125 in a similar style if you’d like it just lemme know what format.

(For anyone who didn’t notice, we had a comparison of our robot, a stack height, and the Boston snowfall totals through early March)

Pretty please make one for 987, 2826, 2512, and 4265!!! That’d be so cool

You would be my bestest freind forever if you made one of 1720, 1741, 5188, and 1501!

No… It needs to be 234, 1024, 1741, and 1720… hahaha. or just make one for every Indiana team… lol

I kinda figured that requests would happen. A single robot takes a while on it’s own, but it’s summertime so I’ll see what I can do.

What’s your process like? From what I can see the one I have for 125 is slightly higher fidelity (omnis have rollers, logos are in place they are on actual robot… different uses) and it took me about an hour and most of that was measuring parts on the robot (it’s actually a scale drawing).

This is fantastic! Great work!

I do a rough sketch in mspaint that I base off of pictures online and reveal videos. The outlines are approximately to scale with each other (although certain aspects like Empire’s can grabbers are modified slightly to make it more aesthetically pleasing in such a minimalist style). This part probably takes the longest to do depending on the robot. For instance, Empire used to have it’s big can claw attached to the back (check their reveal video) and that alone probably took 40 minutes. I took it off in this case because they requested the pic to be in their final form, so I replaced it with their pike. In comparison, Fawkes only took about 15 minutes to sketch IIRC.

Anyways, then I do a wire frame of the robot and fill it in with the team’s color scheme. I also look up their logo font (which can take a while; I still don’t know what 1678 uses). In total, each one takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Most of that is probably because it’s all done in mspaint.

really wants one for the Curie finalist alliance, but doesn’t want to be a bother

This is absolutely beautiful! Nice job.

Every picture of our robot this year had a pile of snow next to it representative of the height we received.

I agree! That would be so amazing if you made one for us!

I think everyone wants one for their robot/alliance, lets get real these are sick.

This is sooooooo true. They’re so fabulous.

These are great, love the minimalistic design!

We were inspired to make one for 148…


For those asking for other robots, pm me a profile shot or link me a video that has a relatively clean view of the robot. Also, any extra descriptions or rough sketches would be appreciated.