pic: 2016 Championship divisions compared to other top competitions

I’m not particularly familiar with strategy, so there might be something obvious that’s passing right over my head, but I have no idea how to read this graph. Could you elaborate on the metrics being used?

Though I can’t be 100% certain, it appears, much like most of the other graphs and data being posted recently, the y-axis represents highest OPR and the x-axis represents the teams at each event/division.

It would appear to be OPR rank on the x-axis and OPR on the y-axis for various events.

The Y axis appears to be team max OPR value (for an event).

The X axis appears to be the number of teams greater than or equal to the OPR value on the Y axis.

That’s how I read it also. Remember kids, always label your axes! (not doing so could have unintended consequences)


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If you had labeled your axes, FiM’s massive gap would make slightly more sense. :wink:

If the “massive gap” you are referring to is the MICMP curve stretching far to the right of all the others, that’s because MICMP had 102 teams, far more than others.

Using percentile on the X-axis makes a better apples-to-apples comparison.

Sorry I didnt know that uploading a photo created a thread! This photo was meant for this thread. I apologize for not labeling - I assumed the only people seeing it will be those familiar with Joe J’s visualizations. Oops!

Ether, I did percentiles in the other picture I uploaded. No percentiles were used here to illustrate the depth of each event.