pic: 2016 frc 1251 ROBOT


FRC 1251 Techtigers 2015 Robot

That is a sick suspension! Did you make all of the parts in house? Did you get a lot of people admiring your track and suspension system? We were the only ones with a track suspension in Duluth and a lot of people wanted a closer look.

Any plans to release the CAD? Idd love to take a look at the drive train and intake models.

@certified nerd Yes, we got a lot of questions about the tracks. Many teams in our region were running the AndyMark tracks and it was there first experience with tracks. The parts for the drive train were made at various sponsors shops, I wish we could do things like that in house. The drive gearboxes are west coast products 3 cim 1 speed that we integrated into the frame, thanks RC. We used rosta couplers specifically to create th flex in the suspension system and are thankful for there support, belts and pulleys are brecoflex. We were proud of this robot because it was our first venture into a mostly sheet metal design.

@Max I’m not with the CAD department so I don’t have access to the CAD. I’m sure if you PM David Guzman on here he’d be happy to discuss details with you about the drivetrain and intake subsystems then provide the CAD. We should start posting the CAD of our robots as a lot of time and effort goes into this.