pic: 2016 FRC Robot -

nice beaver tail

This is essentially the same exact design we have. You’ll see it in our reveal very soon. Love the colors and the quality of build. It looks very very professional. Is there a reason the PDP and battery are upright and in the way of your shooter? You wouldn’t want to block your own low shots! Of course unless you are only planning to shoot high. Great work!

Very nice!
It does have a lot of similarities to 2729’s build. I’m very curious how the shooter tilter is implemented. 2729 used a BAG+versa planetary+Andy Mark LJ box (way too much torque to prevent back drive - if a hard stop is hit the versa output shaft snaps - gotta keep tuning that software!). Is motor #8 the tilter? If so is it some sort of lead screw implementation?

Because you are using the Bevel Box you are probably using the VP 8mm/CIM output shaft. They are really not very good at taking high amounts of torque.

How are you alleviating this issue, installation of limit switches just before the hardstop could prevent damage, it is cheaper and probably easier to replace a limit switch than a VP output stage.

Yeah, that is exactly what we are doing. Limit switch at the max point. There were some weird things happening woth the software as well that I think we’ve sorted out to the best of our ability to prevent the failure from occurring again.