pic: 2016 Robot

What type of material are those gears made out of? That’s a cool looking robot, I love the colors.

This field setup is really confusing me.

I see what looks like an official rough terrain defense and then 2 team castles that are next to each other?

Also, that is a very pretty robot. It is always cool to see the teams sponsored by John Deere painting their robot JD colors.

Looks like a painted team version of the rough terrain to me.

Take another look that 100% is not a team version.

Its steel, is welded, and has casters.

It does look pretty similar to the competition version, I’m not sure anymore. The blocks do look slightly raised though which threw me off.

Looks like the practice field from Duluth.

Most of them are plastic made from a 3D printer.

It is. I took the picture while we were setting up for a practice.

Do you know what material it prints with? We have access to an ABS and a polycarb printer. Have you had any problems with them wearing down or cracking? We used polycarb as our wheel hubs this year with great success, so I was curious how you liked your gears.

We used the same PLA 3D printed gears all season in both regionals without having to replace them. We did replace the large one underneath with a custom cut metal gear so it wasn’t vulnerable to breaking on the defenses. The gears turned at up to 10,000 RPMs all season.