pic: 2016 Steering module

This was our steering mechanism from this year.

nice, how effective was it?

By our kids’ estimation, we were the second-fastest lapper at Chesapeake. Number one? These guys.

Congratulations again on the win!

Does it use the acrynom principal? How many motors power the back wheels?

I doubt it, as the acronym principle has to do with grammar.

Now, it just might have and use Ackerman steering. I would suspect it does.

Haha… Sorry about that!:ahh:

well, judging from what i saw last weekend at monty madness, i would say this is one of the fastest robots i have ever seen. a little violent though going around turns.

Yup, these guys are fast, that and along with having a great hybrid was the reason they were our pick in Chesapeake. Great to see some pics of the robot guys. Hope to see you at Pascack Pandamonium or Brunswick Eruption. Are you guys attending either one?

these guys were amazing and they were just as fast in hybrid. at new jersey they were by far the fastest bot in hybrid and they did like 3 lines in hybrid. I was so shocked when i saw that they had dropped into our grip as the 5th alliance there. i was going insane when the 3 alliances before us didn’t pick them .

Fastest robot I saw this year. Completed 11 laps one match on Newton.

Thanks guys… This steering is following the concept of the ackerman steering to answer the first question. It was initially design used a chain and sprocket but that provided too much slip and the pot didnt like it. So we switched to a Stackerbox. The turning radius is biased towards left as you can guess from competition. The robot also has a “code” differential to shift power after our steering wheel move past 20 degrees of steer.

Monty was all rookie drivers and stuff so they were still getting used to the bot, not our best performance but it was fun.

We will be at Brunswick Eruption and Ramp Riot later this year.

The best that robot has done is 11 laps and 5 line in autonomous. This was done in Chesapeake. The last match we were in on Friday evening.

Btw thanx to 694 1279 and 1418 11 and 1574 141 for great alliance pairings and fun times at NJ, Chesapeake and CMP.