pic: 2016 Teaser shhh!!!


hmmm… now what could it be!!! end game or mid game… lets see who gets it right first.

My guess:
The back view of a roller claw being powered by twin banebots motors in p-60 gearboxes.

Good luck this year guys!


Yeah John is right, 4 wheels on the outside and the belts running to a shaft for each set. It also looks like it has a pivot in the center to adjust to different sized tubes.

Are you planning to rotate the tubes? Also how well does it grab the triangle at it’s point?


wow you have definitely inspired me!! :P…
John - im looking forward to see what you guys are upto…

but yes, his one was easier than i thought it might have been, dont worry the next one will be harder.

Pink (who we get to see in DC :slight_smile: ) has been a great source of inspiration for us this year, it helps we had something to bounce off from our last years bot.

as far as pinching the triangle on the corner, it works for us, but we will be avoiding that if possible I would say, a couple of nudges with the bot should help.

good luck to you guys :slight_smile:

Sweet Roller Claw.

Kinsuk, were you able to resolve your issues we were discussing before? Shoot me a PM if you don’t want to post up here.

no we got it worked out. we have to just adjust how we start the robot in its starting position to make it fit in the box. but that should be ok.

for those clueless the issue is of having a wrist or no wrist.