pic: 2016 WPI District Champs - 839, 1768 & 175

Thanks to Robo Chiefs (1768) and Buzz (175) for joining us and helping Rosie win it’s 1st official FIRST Competition. We’ve been practicing with Buzz all week and it paid off!

Congratulations guys. And we’ll hopefully get a rematch, or an alliance, with Robo Chiefs at BU.

You’ll find videos of the WPI playoffs on the Ligerbots YouTube Channel.

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We were scouting all throughout Saturday and were blown away when we assessed your team that night and found out that yours was the only robot to have excellent evaluations for both defenses and goals. Congratulations on the win- you deserved it!

Looks like all that time taken up during alliance selection paid off.
Congrats on a well-deserved win.

It was an honor and a privilege to be part of Rosie’s special moment, and I am so happy that we could contribute while you earned your first FIRST win! Thank you for picking us!

Thank you to Buzz for your excellent play. I thought that we played well together as a strong alliance.

And Ligerbots and Team 190, thank you for your help this weekend! Looking forward to playing with you at BU and in Hartford.

We didn’t do it alone. Rosie is grateful for the wonderful alliance we had. Big thanks to teams 1768 and 175. You guys were huge factors towards the outcome of WPI and we hope to see both of you at St. Louis.