pic: 2017 Davit close up

Close up of the Davit. Note that the steel channel is flash with the bottom of the plate. You’ll probably need something to the side of your winch to actually trigger the plate.

I’ll be curious to see how many teams show up to competition with no clue that this existed. You would have thought something such as this would have been included in the team drawings. Guess we’re going to have to make a revision to our team version Davit.

FIRST doesn’t even hint of this in the field tour video

Here’s an album of pictures and video 319 took at the real field in NH last Saturday. We also revealed a compilation video on check_in.

Thanks, I missed that.

I’m not trying to be rude (and certainly not trying to be clueless…that typically happens with no effort on my part) but I don’t understand what you are trying to show here. I get that it is important (based on the reactions) but the image does not illustrate your point clearly. Please help as you now have me concerned and I get the impression that the detail(s) are important here. Thanks!

When a robot climbs the rope it can’t just keep climbing and have something flat hit the platform because it will hit the metal and won’t offset the plate if that makes sense

If you look there is a metal channel through the middle of the touch pad that doesn’t move when it is pressured. You can see it pretty clearly here thanks to 319 for the picture. This means that if you are climbing the rope straight up you may not be able to initiate the sensor since you will collide with the channel

Apologies for the picture, it was the best I could get out of my phone. Looks like ty has a better one:https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/zpVloiAGyuZHgKW5sb4CetIHK3DjZAHi4GaX_G8BhzOCthg7mJJd7nRP8fwLaoxBDvVrhSEhaZoVudPEMdmPi4Ai1oDA898LexKYKXjVYoLxTjTD2qAgyUE2G7CuDMJH7PGbeJfwGKAMhOPvVpef0K7EZiyBDygNdHIBEo9BbHhnL48VJCUlYHDk6HrMCzMYQcXy7hEQE__CfcX15TQ0Nyin3iy0R_JYh51TZqM26lngEjSbDpX8GEc_Q4vfKjjKr7s8ZVlfog1jNapFPLCuCdgXGKWkBukP5nGT8w3_SwzeLag7PkQKG_VB3kKYNjt7czJF-70LlPzxY8TcHuDhWHmeu2IPARuhynxmiL4frtJeen5DGgxD83zBWgVHuOGUcuifOJIhpugMTLPvv4xEaPMLQWLHaT-nIQuCFJPtpw5flvrVPxRacHQR1r7MPOYjFMVAYzmYYpa_WHb4wf0lRFQ766_UH3kSlsNZ64heUCXEqAmyRnI4cAr_ewI6w_BVHcf-G1CABSSg3QtQ58c5YWvNXgvWPngFfK4zmgEY-HNsrl6JGttfYlWB3ckM6jHn1VMHuUlI_Nm6kTBFFb0TPoNfBKIeTVThum8zqL_Or-FJEZ7EVUdPjPhEe1FBuVIPiwr84lFIhDqvaPwRXLyt2EONgUCX_xUYIMh5OBVhow=w1024-h1365-nothe point is that gold piece is flush with the bottom of the lexan plate you have to raise. Most of the drum and winch lifts I’ve seen posted will probably hit that metal channel before they move the lexan enough to trigger it.

Pictures broken

Great find. I know our team wasn’t aware of this, and we will likely be adjusting/tweaking design accordingly.


Another Pic …


FIRST needs to release a Field Tour video including this, or add this to the Team Drawings, or point it out in a Team Update, or SOMETHING to draw attention to this. This is a giant design hurdle that is far too subtle to be noticed by teams that aren’t in the know.

Could be a huge problem!

Thanks to all for the pics

The pics were awesome. Thanks so much. I was wondering about a few things and it’s nice to see pics of the actual field. Form those of us who can’t see a real field, Thank you so much!

A huge thank you!

Thank you for being so forthcoming with this information and for the second photo (that clearly shows the problem). I can’t believe that this was left out of the field videos and manual; our team wouldn’t have found out about this until our first event and our mechanism absolutely wouldn’t have worked as designed. It also would have been hard to modify the mechanism as the climber was designed to sit at the max height of the robot (so there would be no way to add an extension above it). It is frustrating that this oversight will cause a lot of teams’ climbers to fail and potentially damage their robots. FIRST really should add this to the next update.