pic: 2017 FRC 1405 Robot

Here’s our 2017 creation.

Here’s our reveal video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N5WvaWrBfo

Robot Stats:

12WD with 6 cim WCP SS gearbox tailored to 17fp/s. Mega speed and huge amount of pusing power as well.

Very aggressive ball intake to easily capture balls from anyplace on the field at a high rate of speed.

Polycord bottom hopper design which transfers balls from hopper to our gatekeepers on the shooter as quick as they land inside. We can easily hold around 50 balls and move them pretty quick to the shooter.

Very quiet high spinning shooter with a lot of wrap, two position shooter hood will allow us to shoot from many different spots on the field.

Quick and effective floor pickup for gears which allows us to deposit onto spring via autonomous controls. Also have human feed station loading capabilities as well.

Our hanger system is combined with our gear floor pickup system which boasts a quick sub 6 second climber.

We are currently arraigned to defend our title as champions at the Finger Lakes Regional. Maybe another competition or two more too? :wink:

Thank you all, and Good Luck this season!!