pic: 2017 Team 3937 Robot Dreadnought

4 Cim Motors
2 775 Pro Motors
Two Speed (~8 ft/s low and ~16 ft/s high)
Eight Colson Performa 2" Wide Wheels
Belt Driven

3 Balls Wide
Travels at 12 ft/s
Powered by 2 Bag Motors

Bottom Conveyor and Auger System
Holds ~44 balls
Powered by 1 Bag Motor

Shoots ~3-4 balls per sec
Powered by 2 775 Pro Motors
Double Tower Shooter
Automated Targeting (GRIP through Kangaroo) or Manual Targeting

Climbs in 2 secs
Powered by 2 775 Pro Motors
Also kicks balls up to the shooter

Gear Mechanism
Wide Intake
Ability to push the gear out onto the peg
Fully Pneumatic system