pic: 2018 New Product Release Robo Promo

The Promotional Bumper Material is a great way to promote FIRST, your sponsors, schools, etc. You can custom make your bumpers with multiple color choices, and we can also iron-on your custom numbers and sponsors so they permanently adhere to the fabric. Promotional bumpers will need to be used in conjunction with competition covers to follow the bumper rules. http://www.robopromo.com/product_p/rp-2025.htm

Are those logos just two 4"x6" iron on logos put together? Or is there an option for a larger bumper logo somewhere on your site?

The 4x6" is an approximate sizing. Logos cannot be any taller than 4" on bumpers, but we can make them up to 12" long for the same price. It’s on a per logo basis, and we will be able to tell if your logo will work when we get the artwork. Thanks!

This is pretty cool. Team 1156 makes yellow and green John Deere bumpers for practice rounds and they always look awesome, this year’s practice day might be a bit more colorful I guess!

These are really nice, I was looking through your site and there’s a lot of great stuff. Any chance to do white as a fabric color?

Due to the large quantity of material that has to be purchased and not as much interest in white, we are not currently offering it in white. If there are more teams that are interested in it in the future, we will definitely consider it! Thank you for your consideration.