pic: 2019 Round 1 Event Assignment

I made a map of where teams are going for their first round events. Teams going to regional events are in red, district events are in blue. The data is pulled from TBA, and it seems that some of the district events’ team list have yet to be updated there.

Nice work. That underlying shape file of the US is a little rough though. I don’t know if that is a limitation of how you made the map.

Radial flow maps are interesting, the scale for this may be a bit to small (the area you are covering is to large). It may be interesting to bin the incoming lines to 10-20 degree increments and for each event create a circular bar plot or a polar graph of the coefficient of variation for each bin vs. the whole.

(If you have the raw data would be interested in playing with it in arc map)

I generated the maps with python’s matplotlib and Basemap. The libraries weren’t particularly well documented or easy to use, so there may be a way to increase the resolution that I didn’t see.

You can find a csv file with each of the team and event coordinates, and the TBA event type number* here. The team coordinates are from FIRSTmap and the event coordinates are from TBA. I’m interested in seeing how you can use this data.

*0=Regional, 1=District, 2=DCMP, all other events excluded

Yeah… basemap is good for sanity checks at large® scales and not much else, i.e. it’s fine for plotting a satellite trajectory w/ point data, but falls apart when you need it for actual location on the map. (There may be a way to increase the pyrimid level (resolution) that I am not aware of.)

A better option would be to use cartopy to bring in a shape layer of state outlines, (maybe add US_Major_Roads while you’re at it), add the team data, and project it.

I think I will try to get my travel times script going and use that data, I may manually throw together an event chart as discribed in ny previous post. Off the top of my head matplotlib is the only package I know of that has a fighting chance of doing it automatically. Qfter that I think a custom expression in adobe may be the only real option (or generate it with custom code).