pic: #2026 animation teaser =p

Hello, I’m the animator of #2026, and I have searched other entries, it seems that I’m the first one this year to post a animation preview =p

Well, it’s one of our rendered scenes… I hope you like it =p

Haha, I love the tree’s eyes!

Very nice scene! Looks like 2026 is going to be one to watch out for in the animation competition!

That almost looks like our tree. Creepy…

I’m sure that your idea isn’t the same as ours =)
And I modelled the entire tree myself, so i think it isn’t possible that we both modelled the exact same tree =p
Thanks for the comments =)

Good luck to everyone ^^

Your right on the same Idea because our animators cant make that nice of people or chainsaws. As Borat would say naice.