pic: 2029 Teaser


this is our teams teaser

good luck trying to figure it out :smiley:

If it is what I think it is, there is only one way to make it more obvious. Particularly with a particular object in the background.

just focus on the belt itself, not on any item in the backround

and if it’s what i think it is… we are thinking about doing something similar

Cool. Brecoflex tank tracks? If that’s what it is, you’d like the Outback MFG track system.

Would this work at an angle, or vertical?

similar to the prototype i posted earlier?

Your making your robot a SHINY BLUE COLOR?! :slight_smile:

I hope for your sake that your not going to try and move the ball with belts. Or dive with them for that matter.

why so negative about belts? Our team prototyped a full size belt manipulator and it works exelently.

Uhm… your robot is going to use an upside-down conveyor belt for its frame and drive system, and rely on other robots to turn it. :]


Doughnut assembly line?

It really depends on what the belts are for. If it is for tank treads, it will be awesom. If it is for a game like Aim High, once again it is going to be awesome. If you can manage to use a conveyer belt to manipulate this years game piece, more power to you… I just don’t see how it will work considering many thing. First, the ball doesn’t fit in the dimensions of the robot. Also, your conveyer belt would have to be extendable or something. Plus, even if you figure in for all this, it will take a while. Anyways, Good luck to anyone attempting such a feat and I hope you post pictures/videos. I really want to see how people can overcome all of these problems.

looks heavy.


I’m stumped.

You are so cool.

Lets play 20 questions for what they are doing.
Was it made in china?

this belt is in no way our bot,

its just the IDEA of a belt… any other ideas?