pic: 2056, 1114, 4334 in Arch Semi's

Waiting for the Semi-Finals to start on Archimedes.

It’s amazing that you guys hooked up yet again. I remember when your alliance burst onto Einstein with the Canadian flag, I was so pumped up by that moment. It was a shame that the full alliance was never playing on Einstein, I have a feeling we would have seen some truly special matches.

It was also a shame that the prematch announcements have been limited so heavily in these last 2 seasons on Einstein and the significance of you guys being on Einstein together after hooking up, I believe, 11 times before was not pointed out. It would be great if FIRST could invest some time in this and perhaps shorten the amount of time spent on informing us about the boys and girls club getting involved. Despite how awesome that is, hearing about it for at least half an hour is not why people came to St. Louis.

This alliance pulled off the fastest triples I’ve ever seen, it was amazing to watch.

Two of the greatest FRC teams to ever compete, finally together was the best thing to witness. It was amazing to see this all Canadian alliance go all the way to Einstein. I saw the matches that they played against the First seeded alliance on Archimedes, and they were amazing, the best i have ever seen. I believe that if there weren’t Communication problems that this would have been the alliance to win the World Championships. Canada would have taken the whole competition.

I was soooo close to being right! Awesome alliance. It was super cool to see them on Einstein (although I have to admit I rooting for my friends on Wave).

My personal pick to win the world championships!

Garrick told me they wouldn’t beat 67 and 2826, but they sure showed him :wink:

Shame what happened. Hopefully IRI will yield better results! Good luck!

These two teams continually produce amazing robots that are nothing but inspiration to the FRC community.

Our team debated a lot over whether or not we should have the function of spitting balls back on the field to feed partners but decided against it to keep things simple. Upon seeing 2056’s design I was rather relieved! :wink:

One of the times I am happy to have been proven wrong. It seemed as if 67 just couldn’t get the triple. The matches, however, were very exciting. I guess I should have known how unstoppable the 1114-2056 duo is. Watching the matches right near the field was awesome, and the strategy was intense. Once this alliance hit Einstein, I was rooting for them to take it all, so what happened was a huge bummer (I can only imagine what it was like for the teams involved) even though 1114 and 2056 did walk away with two huge awards (at last, 1114 is in the Hall of Fame). And yes, hopefully IRI yields better results (which is interesting seeing as 2056 beat 1114 in 2011 after the Simbots were disabled for a majority of the match).

In any event, congratulations on a fantastic job and an epic all-Canadian alliance.