pic: 2056 almost tipping

lucky shot of team 2056 nearly tipping (and even more lucky they didn’t tip)

I am so glad that the 80" rule was ignored at IRI (except when Pink fell over against our alliance, we could have used those 10 points :slight_smile:

I hated it when a team would fall over and then also be penalized, double jeopardy.

Was this an intentional decision of the officiating crew, or did they just forget?

We didn’t forget. But, this is a good question, as it is not a very clear rule.

When a team falls over and their robot stretches out past 80", they have a period of time to try to get back up OR hit the e-stop button before they get a 10 point penalty. This period of time is about 10 seconds. In each case at IRI when this would happen, the team ended up disabling if they were outside of the 80" rule and they could not get back up. There were a couple of robots who were very close to the 80" rule when they normally operated their robots, but none were over the boundary during normal play.


OK but you can’t tell me that by looking at this picture that they are not over 80"

When tipped up like this with our arm out, we are over 80", but we certainly wern’t like this for more than 10 seconds… unless you consider this normal operation?