pic: 2073 Completing a Logo in Sacramento

The drive team from Eagle Force, FIRST Team 2073, can be seen using their “Intuitive Control” system to place the final piece in a Logo. This logo is on top of the Ubertube they placed during Autonomous.

What is the “intuitive control system?”

I am guessing it is a control system based on moving a representation of the actual arm to position it. I see one of the drivers holding what appears to be a wooden stick representing the arm.

Exactly! It is actually quite simple. We have identical pots on the robot and on the controller. They are positioned identically and calibrated. Now all the driver has to do is look at the robot and the feel of the control arm is the same as what he is seeing. Positioning the arm becomes intuitive at that point.

BTW, it is a polycarbonate rod with a PVC ring on the end for convenience.