pic: 2073 Roughed out Kicker

This is the first assembly. Tomorrow it gets welded and the bolts removed. After that, the extra materials will be removed and all trim work completed. It should be mounted and ready to go early next week.

Looks good :cool:


Estimated range?

Here is the next step in the progression. With the springs only, and still having the piston limiting the release rate because of the air flow restriction, we are able to consistently hit 17 feet through the air.

Sorry for the flaky image quality, that’s what you get from cell phone cameras. :o

Is that a gate latch I see down in there?

Yes sir.
Before we settled on it for the latching mechanism, we stressed tested it. We did a straight pull on the latch with a 1.5 in. dia. piston. It literally showed no sign what so ever of flexing or bending. Although, if you look very closely, you will notice that we replaced the brass pivot rivet with a 1/4-20 bolt, just for good measure.