pic: 2079 Six Wheel Skid

I haven’t really shared any of my CAD with the CD community, so I figured I’d post this one. I just recently switched from Inventor to SolidWorks, and this is my first project in SolidWorks.

It’s a six wheels skid
Custom wheels 4 inch, about a pound each (not counting leather tread)
I only really have estimates on weight for the frame, the aluminum frame weighs ~18 pounds.
The chains are tensioned with sliding plates that are attched to the back of the frame with springs (not shown).
The middle wheel is dropped 1/8 inch and direct driven by a hex shaft.
The electronics are sort of thrown in there, I may revisit the layout.

Looks nice.

Just one question. Have you thought of putting any cross brackets for lateral support? Besides that, it looks beaut.

He might be using the belly pan as a cross brace, but it probably would not hurt to run a cross brace in the center. Also you could design that to work as a more secure battery mount.

Looks completely sweet, I love the lightening pattern and the chain tensioning wheel brackets.

I’m curious as to what made you decide on a tensioned bracket with which you have to move the whole wheel as apposed to regular chain tensioned with an adjustable HDPE/UHMW/Delrin standoff. Looks great though Steven, reminds me a little of the 1503 frame Nick Lawrence showed me.

That was the intention, but you guys are right, I should add some cross supports in there. I want them to go all the way through to the outer part of the part of the frame for structural reasons, I think I cut out too much material.

The reason I tensioned the chain as shown is because I wanted to put some sort of cross support inside the wheel alley, that goes the entire length of the bot, and it doesn’t leave to much room for a tensioner. I think it might be worth it to keep all the cut outs I have and reinfoce it from within, just so it’ll still look cool. I will have to look into that though.

If you wanted to avoid running tube cross supports, you could use a piece of 3/8" baltic birch plywood to run the entire underside of the chassis. It would be very light and stiff, not to mention how easy it is to mount things to wood. It also insulates your electrical components as a nice side effect.

I would re-evaluate your wheel design. a pound is extremely heavy for a 4" wheel. The average 4" wheel is generally somewhere around 0.5 lb or less.