pic: 2081 and 2337 just hangin' around at the IRI

2081 and 2337 make a suspension in Match 97 at the IRI. The first and only suspension during a qualifying match in Breakaway!

I’m pretty certain that 2337 racked up at least one during regular season qualifying. Someone else did, too.

First and only suspension during an IRI qualification, yep. Too bad there was never a double suspension :(. (And the GDC bet that it would happen before a 6v0…)

Oh, my bad. I thought I heard from someone that it hadn’t happened in qualifying rounds before.

A double suspension would have been absolutely insane! I wish it could have happened. (I guess the GDC lost that bet haha).

2337 had 1 suspension during the regular season, and 4 suspensions including the off season events. 1 at the Michigan State Championship (with Team 2959), 1 at TARDEC (with Team 2612), and 2 at IRI (one with 2081 and the other with 71).

That was the best one! Last second possible grab and raise for 71!

It was certainly a beastly suspension. Also the first elimination match suspension ever.

Also the first match with a suspension that the team with the suspension lost.

1529 was planning a suspension with 2337, but tipped over (upside-down)…

but any hang with 71 is beastly.
Make that a suspension=beastly*infinity

How did 2612 susspend? Im pretty sure they dont hang…

He meant 2619. Simple as that, haha.

Here is a list of all the suspensions that I have heard of this year…

Suspensions this year:
1448 / 1329 St. Louis Regional
2337 / 2959 at the Michigan State Championship
2337 / 2619 at TARDEC
2337 / 2081 at IRI
2337 / 71 at IRI

From LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=1659117&type=member&item=21728931&qid=df172f33-6566-482e-956f-fdd1b183495f&goback=.gmp_1659117

If 2337 wants to have some more suspensions, come on down to the Ruckus. There may be a bonus in the works for it… :wink:

Nice suspension!

When I first saw 2337 on Curie in Atlanta, and noticed the way they can hang and allow for a suspension, I had a “wow, I wish I thought of that” moment. Genius idea and props to you guys for thinking creatively. I hope to see more creativity in future years! :slight_smile:

WE WOULD LOVE TO COME. It’s just that our mentors and drivers have already taken too much time off work, and besides it’s hard been kinda hard on our people that went to IRI, because by then the team’s coffers were already low to the point that everyone paid their own full share. If we could, we’d probably come to every offseason possible, but unfortunately there’s a certain amount of wearing out of members and resources. At Kettering Kickoff, we’re loading our 2010 robot into the trailer for the 8th and final time this year. (2 districts, MSC, CMP, TARDEC, MARC, IRI, KK).

Thanks! At first even to us it seemed a crazy idea, with the cantilever, but with the belief that most teams would hang we thought it’d be a great way to allow suspensions, and, to a point, force ourselves to keep the CG low.

This robot really wasn’t based on some sort of master design plan. Once we decided our game strategy and what we wanted the robot to do (largely on the date of Kickoff, really), groups within the team worked on their tasks, and this was what we in the Above Chassis group came up with. We’re glad you like it!

What about WMRI in October?

Nope, we’re not planning on going. Kettering Kickoff will be our last event for Breakaway.

Unfortunately not. The school district likes to keep competitions during the year to a minimum. More than the current 5 is unlikely to be approved, considering the distance as well.