pic: 20's IRI Carnage


The aftermath of our first match- and the reason we put up so few points all day.
Note to everyone: NEVER get into a pushing match with The Hawaiian Kids.
This wheel broke, which then broke our dog gear, and rendered our drivetrain useless all day.

I have ben following the other thread very closely. But how did the wheel break this badly? I have never seen this in the past 2-3 years I’ve been involved in FRC. Has this happened to a pneumatic or colson or vp wheel yet?

Go to the other thread, it is explained there.

The TL;DR is, these have been cracking all year occasionally. Some teams have had them rip apart like this. There were bubbles found in the polycarbonate at the rim of the wheel, likely leading to the start of the failure, then the slamming in a pushing match with 359 caused the rest.

We had an interesting experience with these wheels too. After using them all season long and getting into plenty of pushing matches, they had no problem. Then, we fell from the top of the tower onto the wheels, but we couldn’t see any damage at all. After playing the next match, all four wheels had shattered like this.

I think that its possible that they break on the inside, then fail catastrophically.

This 6" AndyMark wheel is molded out of polycarbonate and TPU rubber.

This year’s game provided occasions where this wheel fractured under higher-than-expected loads. Due to this, we are updating the mold for this wheel during this summer, adding more material in the hub, rib, and rim areas.

Andy Baker

you think that’s carnage. Most of you don’t remember the days before bumper’s.

It’s only carnage because it made us unable to compete for the rest of the day. And the dog gear shatter? Now that’s carnage.

No kidding!

And shattered 3/8 drill transmissions…