pic: 2106 drivetrain (side)

2106 rookie year drive train. 1 cim per side, mated to the KOP Banebot tranny. Drive gear and idler shown

Why not just get another sprocket for the Banebots output? :confused:

you guys did great at VCU!! i hope you guys had fun with your rookie year!


Looking at the picture, it looks like they took that route for the easy tensioning abilities and ludicrous amounts of chain wrap around each sprocket. (I’m also willing to bet that the added chain is lighter than adding another sprocket into the mix.) I dig it.

Thanks Alex, we had a blast! I’m so ready for next January.
As for the lack of a second drive sprocket, AS Bill said, i love the idea of a lot of wrap on the gears and it made tensioning easy. I was also cautioned about having too many individual chains on a drive train. The less you have the less likely it is to fail. This little drive train served us well. I have plans to make a summer project out of improving this design for next year. Maybe just 1 chain per side?