pic: 2106 drivetrain (top)

2106 rookie year drive train. yes, that is a piece of PVC used as a tensioner. It worked :slight_smile:

Hey, whats wrong with pvc. lol, last year we had two’’ thick pvc as tensioners, they work pretty well

I agree with the use of, well, really anything as a tensioner. Though, with more use you’ll probably find that the PVC will wear down on you. It’s too bad you didn’t use something on the driving side of your drivetrain. You know, you can slide the transmissions forwards and backwards on those mouting plates, so that you can tension the chains…


Do I see unsupported shafts at the ends of those BaneBots transmissions? That’s just asking for trouble…


these are older pics. we blocked off the ends so they are nicely supported. We drove for 45 minutes and noticed the bending so we grabbed 1086 and asked for help. i’ll see if i can’t find some finished product pictures when we get the crate back from Fedex

A very nice drive train. 6-wheel drive for a rookie team is a nice accomplishment. We had a 6-wheel drive this year and used a similar setup. We had 2 sprockets on the end of the @!#%@%$#%#:stuck_out_tongue: Banebots gearboxes with chain to the middle and rear wheels. We also had #25 chain from the middle wheels to the front wheels. the way the chain went onto the wheels was different than yours:


Phew that took a while to make.:smiley: I do like that idea of all the chain wrapping around the sprockets. but we managed to get our drive sprockets lightned on a lathe at a competition so I doubt it would be better to add extra chain on our robot. Very nicely done though!:]