pic: 2106 robot concept?

Sadly 2106 is WAY behind schedule, but this is what the robot should like when finished. Anyone wanna guess how it works?

here is a link to a short video tour of it, if you are interested. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B3J70J68GuRPNjBkMjQzZGEtYzZiOS00YTdlLWIwNDEtZjQzNDUzM2RmZmVm

Looks like a bit like the robot we (ya’ll) built for lunacy.

  1. one continuous belt as intake and elevator (great idea btw!)
  2. i can’t tell how the shooter is going to work. are the tips of those bent pipes going to rotate somehow?

PS: don’t worry about being late. Everyone is behind i some way, shape or form. Bury your head and get it done :slight_smile:

At least you have it rendered… and hopefully parts built. Our team is working off sketches on paper.
I like the height, too.

From what I can tell, the bars that curve up to the top are the pickup system, they then drop them into the top of a shooter.

Seriously, don’t get discouraged with being behind. Just bunker down and get it done, and you’ll be fine. Just be sure to get it done with time to practice, because experienced drivers are what can make a mediocre bot into a championship winner, and vice versa. Stick with it and let us know how the finalized product looks!

PS: single gatherer/elevator leading to some sort of fixed foward-firing shooter.

I think it may go up that back elevator structure, directed by the bars, and go to a dumper system for the 2 pointers. But I may just be completely wrong :rolleyes:

You all got the elevator system right, and the big ol’ cube represents the shooter system, WHICH WE FINISHED TODAY!!! Sorry, I’m very excited about this. It seemed after I made this production went ahead 10 fold. The shooter has a range of basically the entire field, which may end up hurting us before its all over, we’ll see, but it works wonders. As a side note (Mr.Wilson correct me if I am wrong) this will be the first shooter ever built by 2106.

From my view, I would say that the back section is for scooping up the balls and lifting them into the basket, then the basket is lifting over the goals and either dumped into the goal or dropped from the bottom/front. Great Idea and design. Also, do not worry, just keep at it, things will come together if you stick to your plan.::safety:: :slight_smile:

Was this robot CADed in Sketchup? Personally, I’ve found that program hard to use, especially for detailed drawing, with dimensions, etc. If you are using Sketchup, I’d recommend converting to either Inventor or Solidworks next year. You can learn to use them proficiently in a couple of weekends, and especially when you get to know them well, they are really very powerful for mechanical design.

Good luck, these last few days should certainly be a wild ride! Keep in mind that the real goal of FIRST is not the robot, but the experience. That said, your robot certainly sounds competitive, with that range in a shooter.

It looks like it’s going to feed the balls up to the curved upper part of the back, but I’m very interested in how those ends of the pipe are going to shoot (if that’s what they’re for!).

Yes, it was made in sketchup, but not because of any other preference besides the fact that I made it at home and all I had access to was sketchup, of which I am extremely proficient. In my opinion, Sketchup is a great tool for things like this that give basic dimensions but not details like where holes are and such. It was just supposed to give us something to look at instead of a 5 second drawing on a white board. We have a member who will be learning autoCAD this summer, and he still has four years of the team to go (the younger brother of one of the team members) so they will be in good shape in the future.

And thanks for the compliments guys. You don’t know how much it means to us right now, morale is low and encouragement is always a good thing.

Hey Bobby!

glad things went well tonight. We built a shooter for Lunacy but it had an effective range of 5 feet…

Keep up the good work!

Update please :slight_smile: