pic: 2106's 2009 Control System Test and Dashboard

2106’s version of the 2009 control system. We used our prototype drive train as the base. The wiring is a mess, but it is quite functional. I’m posting a video of the run as well. At the end, I snagged a shot of the dashboard and captured the live video from the robot’s camera. Look for the VI of the drive code soon.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VEHNhcsj6Q

works nice. i’ve watched the video a few times. could you possible send me a copy of the code.

We added gyro stabilization this afternoon. Take a look and tell us what you think. This is our first time adding this sort of control to robot, so any comments would be great.

Mechanum code

little to no comments have been made. if you have questions, please post them here. My team will do the best they can to answer them.

Here is an updated version of the code. Please use this version. Mecanum_Drive_Code_2106.zip. link is at bottom of box.

Also, I based it off the old c version of 1086’s code, so big props to them.

hey new programmer need help programing send me a code :confused:

The code is posted. All you have to do is click on the link. :slight_smile:

how did you do the gyro stabilization thing. it seems really cool. and also will be reallyhelpful if you end up bumping a lot

I downloaded the code that you posted. All that is in the file is a ReadMe.txt and two other files with the extension .vi I’m not sure that you posted the right thing. Do you have any c++ code you can post? thanks

The readme is just some documentation my Programmer is attaching to the code. The VI’s are the stuff the make up labVIEW code. I’m sorry, we are not using C++ this year. We swapped to lawVIEW for several reasons. Primarily, the amount of programming support we felt we would get from NI and FIRST over the next few years. We have not been disappointed so far.

Nice code! I like the way you consolidate the 4 wheel commands as a bundle. We developed our own code. In the end they are very similar but while our wheels are all wired the exact same way, we are reversed from your code on two of them. I assume it’s the wiring. Labview does take a bit of getting used to.