pic: 2106's Overdrive Robot

The top view of our ball handler. We are almost done. The last major hurdle is the addition of the “ball popper” and cleaning up the wiring. The sad thing is: no PVC this year :frowning:

Looks good! How does it work? Good luck at VCU!

I don’t really get how it works? Also how’s your weight looking? It does however look mighty intimidating.

Take a look at the very top of the picture, right in the center. That will help you figure out how we are going to get that ball this year. Weight as of taking that picture we are ~108 lbs. things to add: the “popper/poker” and the lexan skin. Things are going to be tight.

:eek: how is that within the weight limits??!?!?!

dub tee eff?! :confused: :ahh: :eek:
i dont get it… whythe most obnoxiously awsome gear ratio? what does that beast do?

i looked at the top but all i see is the faint outline of an arch…

leaf blower…

But is the bot over 120 lbs?

wow! thats a big sprocket! nice robot.

I guess i should have titled this a “teaser.” The large gear ratio is to make sure we can move whatever is inside the head you are seeing.

Weight: 108.2 lbs as of last night.

I will post videos after ship date. My mentors and members don’t want to give away the surprise just yet. :wink:

Very cool, saw it at the scrimmage saturday. Love the capture device. Very unique, can’t wait to see it at VCU in March.