pic: 2108 Drive Base

This is the drive base for 2108 this year. Unfortunately, due to a miscalculation, we have had to scrap the shuffle:(
Feel free to provide comments or constructive criticism

the design looks good, nice render.

I have a question though, how are you intending to make the modules themselves?

If its a piece square stock and you’re going to mill off one face, then be careful because they’ll bend due to stress. What type of aluminum are you using? If its 7075 you might be able to get away with it, but if its something like 6061 you might have a little trouble.

My team had a similar design in 08, and we went through two and half full sets of modules because they all bent out of shape at the bottom.

looks like you would high center over the hump…

have you checked that?

Good solid structure. Nice render quality. I have to ask as well, how well do you maneuver over the hump?