pic: 213 - Drive prototype teaser


Here is a pic of our base prototype. We’ve had fairly good success with this first model. More pics coming!!

Nice 4-wheel holo drive. :cool:

A belt drive… interesting. Looks a bit top heavy, are you guys going for the ramp?

We are going to be using a simple drop down ramp to release balls from a mesh hopper. As for top heavy…it isn’t in the least. The thing really moves. We are now trying different configurations of the wheels to find out which works best.


what wheels are those and ware did u get them?
they look really cool

Your wheels look delicious.

I wonder if they will do the same thing this upcoming year. Maneuverability seems like it will be more important that brute strength.

It looks incredibly small. If you add a ramp, how are you supposed to expect another bot to get on (without falling off the other side)?

^I forgot to add this in the original post. If it works well, why not use the same configuration for this year’s comp.?

That was a testing bot from last year not necessarily for competition. The date on the picture post is February 2006. Please look more closely before you make criticizing comments.

I’m going to have to agree with Alexa, those wheels are delicious. “Wheelalicious”

It was just a question, don’t bite my head off.

Also, it’s small because if the wheels weren’t aligned in a square, it would be harder to turn. So, it wasn’t even taking up the full envelope. Last year, they added a ball-gathering mechanism to the front to take up that space.