pic: 2158 updated bumper mounts

So, after uploading the bumper mount with the draw latch a couple of weeks ago, we decided on a slightly simpler design (and easier to build) which consists of the left over C-channel from the chassis with 1" square tubing that slides into it and locks with a bolt. With one carriage bolt holding an entire side on with this design, people could sit on the bumpers of our robot without them budging, but time spent taking the bumpers on and off was not worth measuring in seconds. With 2 bolts and 2 wing nuts (or drywall T-nuts) on each side, the bumper mounts would not be what would break in a 7-foot drop of the robot on its edge.

So are the 'Cans planning on using 2 sets of bumpers this year? Should be a quick way of changing them out.

After making me redo the bumper mounts a couple of times, most of us have admitted it would be nicer just to do covers. This kind of system would definitely facilitate quick-changing of bumpers, but it would still take longer than switching elastic/velcro covers. A very nice point of this setup is that bumpers on opposite sides of the robot are interchangeable, and the mounts are surprisingly strong. These will be able to handle any hit we take without bending or breaking like some of our previous years’ designs, but will still come on and off very quickly during inspection or robot maintenance, also unlike some of our previous years’ designs.